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“Movie Museum & Breakfast”


Fifth of seven novellas in the "Slumming in Paris, With the Children" series.

Which is Part Six of my “Slumming in Paris” Series.

Part 6 is the fifth of seven novellas forming a subset with “Slumming in Paris,” additionally titled, “With the Children.”

Further, an identifying title “Part” is given to each of the seven in the “With the Children” series. This book is “Movie Museum & Breakfast.” The story continues with the children, and the adults having welcomed the arrival of their grandparents and small neighbor child, and the larger expanded family group venturing out into Paris together.

A full list of those titles, including all the currently named chapters (rather than numbered as in my previous work) is at the end of each book.

Parts 2 through 8 are comprehensive, with an over-arching theme and story of experiencing Paris, and finding what that experience means within. While Part One, “Slumming in Paris, Arthur & Gricinda” is more obviously focussed on the two adults, Parts 2-8 prominently feature the children.

Experiencing Paris is, in this work, both symbolic, and an engulfing immersion all its own.

The mystery, for each person who visits this wonderful city, is how to individually reconcile everything they have known before, and hope to know. And to know, in this instance, because there are so many characters, mostly young, is a variable thing.

And realizing that, that “knowing is a process,” for us as people, is, I truly believe, one of the greatest gifts Paris, and fiction, we can receive.

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