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A fun novella. Set in Paris. Yes, a romance ;-)

A young couple with a little time before their two children and the children's four young cousins all arrive to join them in Paris (Parts Two & Three).

A 5 1/2 week personal stay in Paris recently, added to a life long love affair with the City of Light, helped provide much of the inspiration for this first of three related Paris works.

This is a continuing extended family sage covering characters in ages nine to over sixty. It is stand alone, yet creates an arc with the previous work, "The Children" and "Four Shorts, Prequel to 'The Children'".

Two further books that relate to the family are "The Old American Artist" and "Rosetta." They are character stand alone books, which add background on the oldest members of the family.

Parts Two and Three of "Slumming in Paris" are expected to be finished this year. Future work envisioned in the arc of the family's story, include "Lounging in Austin" and another stand alone character work, "Macario." The latter is a major character in the novel, "The Children."

Thank you so much for considering my work.

Felipe Adan Lerma

Author of "101 Sports Poems"

Published: Felipe Adan Lerma on
ISBN: 9781301313150
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