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Holy Joe

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It has been said that the world has yet to see what God can do with a life fully consecrated to Him. Is the man some call Holy Joe such a person? When ad executive Jake Moore sees a photo in the L. A. Times of a NYC street preacher called Holy Joe – some say, a worker of miracles -- he recognizes him as John Smith from Jake’s hometown in Texas. Jake’s obsession arises from his recollection that John was virtually unnoticeable, not at all the person one would vote most likely to turn America’s largest city on its ear. Decried as a charlatan by the established clergy, but venerated by the poor and homeless, Holy Joe shuns the attention the media try to focus on him. So when a publisher learns of Jake’s connection with the elusive miracle worker, he offers him a lucrative fee to get and write an exclusive story. Jake accepts and inadvertently enters into a series of extraordinary and dangerous events that bring Holy Joe Smith to a life-or-death decision, and Jake himself to the greatest realization of his life.

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