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If only relationships were simple. While debating whether to reveal his secret identity to Valerie, Gabriel’s personal plans are put on hold when darkness descends upon the city, each building, street and alley covered in a strange black cloud akin to those from the Doorway of Darkness. Only these clouds didn’t descend from the sky. They came from a mysterious shadowy being known as Bleaken.

With the city under the tyrant’s control, pandemonium ensues and violence erupts on the streets. Screams, gunshots and sirens fill the air; fires are lit, blood is shed and people begin to die.

Axiom-man must navigate the darkness and put an end to Bleaken’s reign of terror before the entire city is destroyed under a veil of black clouds and violence.

Meanwhile, having grown closer as friends, Valerie races into the dark, trying to find Gabriel to make sure he’s safe, only to succumb to a band of madmen on the way that take her down a tunnel of torture and despair that threatens her sanity and soul. If she doesn’t escape, her fate will be sealed and she will meet an end worse than death.

With all hope lost and the city covered in a sea of black clouds, Axiom-man must learn what it takes to truly shine as a light in a dismal place and stand strong against the tides of darkness emanating from all sides.

The Axiom-man Saga is a cross-medium storyline, however the main story is in book form.

The Axiom-man Saga (listed in reading order):

The Axiom-man Saga (listed in reading order):

Episode No. 0: First Night Out
Doorway of Darkness
Episode No. 1: The Dead Land
City of Ruin
Episode No. 2: Underground Crusade
Axiom-man Comics, Nos. 1-2

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ISBN: 9781927339206
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