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Jesus Hit Me!: And Other Things I've Heard Between the Pulpit and the Pew

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Every week I have the tremendous honor of communicating the message of the gospel to many people in many ways. The worship center at church, the classroom setting and through the medium of print. The first time I was asked to write a column I was challenged and a bit skeptical that they were talking to the right guy! Tell a story they said. Tell the reader what you are thinking and while you’re at it pepper the column with a bit of biblical principle. Hey you’re a preacher, this should be easy as pie. Pie? I don’t even like pie! It wasn’t long however before I was hooked. The stories, funny ones mostly were happening all around me as a Pastor and often as the title of this book declares, “Jesus Hit Me!” Got my attention I mean. Through the experiences of the pastorate, and just life for that matter, the Lord grabs our attention.

For the last eleven years every week I have put together a word or two reflecting my life, my experiences and my thought and as always the afore mentioned peppering of biblical principles.

Contained herein is a compilation of ministry experiences from the pulpit to the pew and beyond. I hope you enjoy the stories, which are all true and a bit embarrassing to yours truly. I trust you appreciate the real life that is shared and I pray you will glean life lessons and biblical insight to help you along your way. Oh, and if you get hit, learn something!

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