Although eating is a functional act done to sustain our lives and a source of sensual pleasure, it's also a spiritual act that must be done correctly if you're to live in harmony with yourself.

Don't overeat or eat too fast.

According to Hinda philospophy, Prana is the lifeforce of the Universe. It's in everything, even food. When you treat food well, cook it with respect and eat it temperately and calmly, you feel good and your digestion goes well.

If you eat natural foods close to the way God created them, your health will be as fine as it can be but if you eat processed foods that may be too sweet or too spicy, the imbalance will disrupt your system so, in essence, eating is a spiritual act.

If you respect what you eat and how you eat, you as a whole will feel a lot better and healthier than if you just look at your stomach as an all-purpose garbage dispenser and food as either a functional act or an act of carnal pleasure.

Eat by instinct. Your cravings should tell you what you need to eat. By the same token, if you're not hungry, don't eat.

If you're hungry, eat. If somebody gives you food and you don't particularly like it, don't eat it.

Only eat what you like when you like. Don't follow the government propaganda about eating breakfast and three squares a day. Follow your own instincts about food. I never eat breakfast and eat most of my daily food in the hour before I go to sleep.

Even if it's a health food, if you don't particularly like it, the digestion will be all wrong so only eat what you like that agrees with you.

Great cooks say when they prepare their food with love and care, it tastes a lot better than if it's done by processing machines in a rushed manner.

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