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Homesteading Adventures: A Guide for Doers and Dreamers

389 pages10 hours


A wonderfully friendly and practical how-to manual for creating the homesteading "simple life", with laughter included. Share Sue and Steve's adventures as they build their homestead in the northwoods with a bit of irreverent help from their fictional newbie neighbors, lounging JJ and his enthusiastic partner CindyLou. This is a book for doers who have done and dreamers who are just beginning. From home-built underground house to water homemade wine, “Homesteading Adventures" is full of down-home how-to that will inspire anyone interested in living and creating their own unique life whether in the backwoods or in the city.

With a foreword by Jd Belanger, former publisher and editor of "Countryside Magazine" and written in 1997, this book has now become a classic in the homesteading world, chronicling the first twenty years of Sue and Steve’s “ManyTracks” homestead. Revised and edited from the original, the fictional JJ and CindyLou have retreated a bit (per reader request) and some of the information has been updated but the main core of the original is still happily intact to help and inspire a new generation of “back-to-the-landers” of all ages and all backgrounds who are planning, ready, or already embarked on their own adventure into the homestead life.

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