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Love, Faith and Stars

146 pages2 hours


This book contains two stories set in the near and more distant future.

The first story recounts the memories of a lonely, precocious young girl living on a distant planet whose human inhabitants have lost all memory of their Earthly heritage. One day she encounters a mysterious, interstellar traveler who has chanced upon her world. In the course of his visit he helps the world's inhabitants regain their history and reclaim their place in human interstellar civilization. Along the way, he also opens up the young girl's intellectual and spiritual horizons. They develop a deep bond that transcends their differences in age, background and culture.

The second story is set in the near future on the planet Mars. Two explorers share a research outpost where they have a less-than-cordial relationship. One Martian evening, while working to correct an equipment malfunction, they experience a life-threatening situation. In the midst of dealing with this crisis, they happen upon the most profound discovery in human history. They are carried through a series of dramatic, mysterious events and struggle to make sense of them, even while also struggling to deal with their intense, mutual animosity toward each other.

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