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Golden Disk of The Sun: Book 1 of the Star Walkers Trilogy

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While The Star Walkers is a trilogy, each book stands alone with a satisfying conclusion.

Eric Shade, a former South American history professor, is hired by Catalina Rivera, a beautiful archeologist, to help her and her fiancé locate a fabulous treasure once belonging to an Inca queen that has been hidden for centuries in the deep jungles of Brazil. In order to locate the treasure, they must first scale a formidable mountain, a mountain the native Indians won't go near because they claim it's occupied by a group of strange pale-skinned men, which they refer to as the Star Walkers.

The farther the group travels into the rain forest, the more Shade begins to suspect that the Star Walkers are more than just a myth. As they traverse jungle-choked canyons and steep gorges, facing danger at every turn, hatred, treachery and betrayal enter into play. Not only must Shade brave the cloying dangers of an inhospitable terrain, but he must also ward off an insanely jealous man who is hell-bent on killing him.

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