This technical note builds upon the previously released "Mathematical Solution Unifying the Four Fundamental Forces," by providing a model and diagrams describing how the Electrical Universe (EU) operates. Conclusions include: (1) Mass is not just a property of matter, it is a dimension. (2) Fundamental forces do not govern the motion of matter, rather fundamental forces create mass as a dimension that we experience in a physical-blinking universe. (3) Fundamental forces are continuous and can be described using Analog Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (Analog QAM). (4) Physical particles and matter are not continuous (discrete) and can be described using discrete Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (Digital QAM). Possible limitations of the model are discussed and suggestions for further efforts. This paper will only be meaningful to those with a background in math, physics, and/or engineering. Each reader must comprehend that our universe literally blinks off and on, at 1.039 trillion cycles per second (1.039 THz)
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Availability for Preliminary Model for Grand Unified Theory (GUT)
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