In 2012, a new government organization was created called Reliable Independent Clean Energy Corporation (R.I.C.E.) to research and develop new methods of energy storage and distribution. Imagine the ability to distribute energy wirelessly and power all major appliances, corporations, vehicles, and homes without having to plug anything into an outlet or connect to a power grid. It would revolutionize the world. Instead of finding a method of energy distribution, R.I.C.E. discovered time travel and found a way to control it.
As Raina, a black ops specialist for an unknown agency, took her new assignment to investigate and monitor R.I.C.E. activity, she teams up with a group of everyday campers to survive the time phases and get back home in the time period they remembered. What Raina discovers is that these campers are not your average, everyday camper. As they travel into the past and the dismal future, they witness firsthand the intent and mission of R.I.C.E. which is to dominate the world. Her new mission, with the help of the campers, is to destroy R.I.C.E and set the timeline back to normal.
Surviving Time is an action packed book filled with thrilling twists and turns as a group of people are faced with the challenges of traveling through time, surviving the elements, and doing everything they can to not alter their own timeline.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781483661933
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