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Gadgets: The Great Escape

251 pages4 hours


The Gadgets come alive in a book that lifts the lid on what life is really like on your kitchen worktop. You will never look at those appliances the same way again. The gadgets which include a blender, fat fryer, knife, coffee machine, ice cream maker, grill, warming tray and many more must escape from their environment using their powers as gadgets. If they don't succeed they will be auctioned off on the Internet and the shame of being a second-hand gadget is too much to bear.
But they are in fear of 12 year-old bully boy Zack who wreaks havoc wherever he goes. Even if they do manage to get outside they have to find somewhere to hide and with the Garden Gang on the loose the outside world can be very frightening.
This adventure-packed full-length 69,000 word book has unforgettable characters like Deep Fat the fryer, Jane Dough the bread-maker, Blade the handsome kitchen knife and many many more. Follow the gadgets' fantastic adventures and endearing relationships in this first of a series of books.

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