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Roc Isle: The Descent

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Roc Isle: The Descent

Length: 429 pages5 hours


Roc Isle: The Descent is a heroic fantasy novel based on a tale of revenge and destiny.

It is now Year One, foretold to be the final year before The End of Roc Isle.

In the North, Lord Azure of the Azure-Cloud Clan vows revenge on those responsible for ordering the assassination of his parents. Lord Azure will invade the South in reprisal, and to rid the land of the infidel. But first he needs to raise an army to his banner, which will prove difficult. The Azure-Cloud Clan is divided: the Azure-Knights of Crag Rock refuse to owe him their allegiance. In spite of this, Lord Azure is the greatest warrior of his clan, and his search for redemption and vengeance will not be stopped until Roc Isle answers to him.

In the South, Ankah is a Knight Prentice. Frustrated that he is yet to be ordained, he wonders what his destiny is and why it is he wants to fight. He is the strongest, fastest, and most determined of swordsmen.

Only a titanic clash between clans and a monstrous release of sorcery and swords will reveal the truth. This is The Descent!

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