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Legacy Archive Contained Environment

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Eagle went looking for artifacts but what she found was ancient beings.

Eagle was the last of a long line of explorers, having decided to follow in her ancestor’s footsteps she designed and built Fred. Fred was a brand new design in cross-linked neural networks. With input and help from her father, they developed Fred into a companion that would be capable of keeping Eagle, company while she was flying between the stars. What they did not realize was that not only had they made him self-aware and he had an ideology all his own.

Once the testing on Fred was complete and ready for space, Eagle’s dad disclosed that on his last trip into space that he had discovered a radio signal that originated from an unexplored area of space. Eagle decided to use this information as a shakedown run for her ship.

What she found would change her life forever, the planet LACE was nothing like any planet that she had ever read about before. The single landmass went entirely around the equator with no discernable deviations, and the trees were incredible, placed into rows completely around the planet.

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