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Synthesis of over 400 Ielts speaking tests over the World.ProcedurePart 1: Introduction and Interview on Familiar Topics (4-5minutes)The examiner asks you questions on familiar subjects such as your home town or village work or studies. These are the easiest questions, designed to put candidates at ease.You will then be asked 2 sets of questionsPart 2: Individual Long Turn (3-4 minutes)You have one topic to talk about for 1-2 minutes. You have 1 minute to prepare for this task.Part 3: Two-Way Discussion (4-5) minutesThe topic in Part 3 is related to the topic in Part 2. So if, for example, Part 2 was about a teacher, then Part 3 might be about Education
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ISBN: 9781304932334
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    Very good conditionmore
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    Very good conditionmore
    It's good collection.more