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The Pegasus Adventure
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This is a story of adventure and hard to think of WHAT IF? The author has a vivid imagination regarding the current trends of science and how these could affect the world. Current conditions are unlikely to last. Unlimited sport as entertainment together with soap-operers seem to satisfy many of our population. Is this the opium of the masses that MARX referred to?

A perfunctionary standard of education. Many people were content with these conditions However-A small group decided to rebel and form a different lifestyle. Government and organised crime syndicates controlled the substantial financing required .
So this was one of many difficulties which the group needed to overcome. A secure site was also a major factor which required many hours of discussion and hesitation in the minds of the initiators of this mixed group of amateur conspirators.
Recruiting more enthusiastic volunteers again proved difficult, but as with many other difficulties eventual secumbed . Building a novel
l construction was the start of the project. Then help from their main benefactor ensured rapid progress towards the final goal.

"BUILDING A SPACE-SHIP" Caperable of travelling the universe without the problem of having to renew fuel at frequent intervals.
This story is a page turner, that includes ideas of human engineering, cryogenics, anti-gravity, interesting female-androids among many other futuristic possibilities.
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