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Thirty-one years into the end of days, the human race has lost dominance over the world. Food is scarce and all flora and fauna have died out. In the wasteland that remains, the dead scour the corners of the earth for a release to their never ending hunger. With nothing else to lose, one small group of survivors go on an impossible journey, set on course by an unlikely event.

Led by an unsure leader, conflicted by the truth of his beliefs and the preservation of both his own life and that of the wards that have chosen to follow him. Our hero, Delive is shadowed by a small companion, a strong willed woman, a clumsy handicapped young man, a giant simpleton, and a silent brooding loner.

With immediate dangers only increasing with every step towards the finish line and moral dilemmas that risk separating them, how can they survive the ultimate adversary awaiting them? Will they make it to their goal? And did I mention this group of survivors are actually zombies and their goal is to wipe out the last of the humans? Because that is kind of important.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493133604
List price: $4.99
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