Emily’s birthday has finally arrived, and she’s so excited! She’s having a party with all her friends, complete with a special magic castle cake and a sparkly welcome walkway to greet her friends. She’s even having a famous children’s TV show magician to entertain her friends!
At least that’s what was planned. But a morning rainstorm soon washes away the hopes of the best birthday party ever, leaving Emily to fear it is going to be the worst!
Emily’s mom helps her through the disappointment by sharing all the fun things she did at her birthday parties when she was a little girl. Through resourcefulness, a few found objects, and a little creative thinking from their “Imagination-Inspiration” hats, Emily’s mom helps Emily see that even though things don’t work out the way you planned, you can have a lot of fun and excitement by trying new things and experiences.
Skeptical at first, Emily is drawn into the excitement and fun of some old-fashioned children’s games and a homemade birthday cake. Her dad, her little brother, and even their dog, Barky, get swept into the growing excitement, and her friends agree that her party was the best birthday party ever!
Emily’s Best Birthday Party Ever! is a delightful story about children and parents who love and support each other through life’s up and downs. It deals with the fact that things don’t always work out as planned, but with a little resourcefulness, creative thinking, and trust, there is a solution to any problem.
It’s a story about parents letting children go through the painful process of disappointment and helping them work through it to find creative solutions. It shows how sharing family traditions, like the mom’s birthday party games, are important to preserving culture and the simple pleasures of years gone by. It’s a story of how a family supports each other by working together.
The book includes instructions for all of Emily’s party games, the Imagination-Inspiration hats, and her special three-layer birthday cake so you can have a party just like hers and share in the fun. The games are fun for kids of all ages. Even grown-ups can have fun playing the games they enjoyed as children. As for Auntie Anna, you’ll have to supply your own fun-loving relative or family friend who can add a special type of excitement to any party.
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