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Hypnosis Scripts for the Novice

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While many books are available that describe the theory, the history, the induction process and the potential results of hypnosis, induction scripts seem to be well-guarded secrets of the trade available only along with the high cost of a hypnotherapy training package.

The scripts in this ebook were developed by the author after self-study in the subject of induction and made available now to the curious, who may face the same problem: the desire to see and understand the content of an induction script to help complete a self-study of hypnosis. These scripts do not necessarily represent standard scripts used by professional or licensed hypnotherapy practitioners. They simply can help to understand the basic script formats used in hypnotherapy induction.

Of course, scripts are not the only thing you need prior to practicing hypnosis on yourself or others. At the very least, you need a good understanding of what hypnosis is and what it can (or cannot) achieve.

These scripts are recommended solely for the purpose of completing a self-study in the area of hypnosis.

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