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Alien Children: Their Traits & Purpose on Earth!

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This exciting book by alien experts, The Abbotts explains how many Off-planet children are currently being born on Earth. Each Off-planet race has different abilities, traits, divine missions and subconscious memories of life on those distant planets that influence their personalities, today! If your own child has unusual skills or outlook on life, you can easily learn to recognise whether he or she, is a gentle Pleiadian, an active Sirian, a sensible Andromedan, a kind Arcturan or a warm-hearted Orion child. The rarer Off-planet children such as Mintakans, Alpha Centauri, Bellatrix, Taxos, the delicate Whites (Human/Grey children) the Greys and Alpha Draconians are also, sensitively described. All valuable information for a loving parent wanting to help their children understand why they are so different and how they can reach their full potential and easily adjust to life on Earth. An amazingly informative book for everyone! Easy reading and fully illustrated.

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