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Your Personal Guide To Finding Yourself When You Didn't Know You were Missing

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Your Personal Guide to Finding Yourself When You Didn't Know You Were Missing is a product of 35 years experience & development in Transactional Analysisas. Author Danna G. Hallmark offers every person the means to discover what they truly want in life and separate that from any personal baggage. Contains charts & self-grading questionnaire to assist the reader in understanding.

Danna G. Hallmark, founder of Global TA Network, is known internationally for her contributions to several fields of knowledge including medicine, education and psychology. During her 35 years of experience as a trainer, personal coach and business consultant, she has been known especially for her ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and concept development. She specializes in coaching, training and teaching both one-on-one and in group sessions. Her focus is on clarity of communications in business and personal situations. She is developer of the Hallmark Method of Human Interaction Analysis, a cutting edge technique of Transactional Analysis, based specifically on Eric Berne’s original concepts.

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