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Jump Start for Writers

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Jump Start for Writers can be considered a precursor to the Purple Snowflake Marketing book we created, which provides a step-by-step guide to trearting your writing as a business – offering tips on being more efficient and effective in the office, and provides a guide for getting through the maze one often encounters in the realm of marketing. Always follow one major rule in marketing - Common Courtesy. Never make anyone work for anything. Make every option clear and easily accessible.

Learn about reviews, marketing, promotion materials, media kits, book production processes, resources, publisher's policies, royalties, distributor information... it is all here. With this information you can easily get a head start on your marketing plan.

Doing it right is essential - there is but one chance to make a lasting, first impression with a reviewer, editor, reader, organization or publication.

With this book you will:

- Build your name recognition.
- Accelerate publicity efforts.
- Learn how to work with another writer.
- Develop powerful time management skills.
- Learn the answers to some commonly asked questions.

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