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Dispensational Eschatology, An Explanation and Defense of the Doctrine

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The book begins with a brief review and defense of dispensational theology. The question of hermeneutics (interpretive methodology) is thoroughly examined, with a separate chapter on hermeneutics for eschatology. Then Dispensational eschatology is thoroughly discussed and contrasted with related issues in Covenant eschatology. Is the New Testament Church the New Israel, as Covenant theology claims? Are the Rapture and Second Advent two separate events, one advent, or both? What are the differences between the judgment of the church and the judgment at the end of the age? Does Christ reign a thousand years (the Davidic-Messianic-Millennial Kingdom)? Is there a Tribulation, or is it just tribulation? Is Christ’s advent before or after the millennium? These questions are answered from Scripture. A discussion of words pertinent to eschatology with biblical definitions is included.

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