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Enjoying the Chase

Enjoying the Chase

Enjoying the Chase

4/5 (180 ratings)
688 pages
11 hours
Mar 25, 2014


He never found a girl that didn’t immediately fall head over heels, and straight into his bed–until her.

Nate Peters is living the playboy life. He has great friends; a great job; no responsibilities; and best of all, no girlfriend to complicate things. Being incredibly skilled with a pick-up line, he’s never failed to get a girl in his life… until he meets Rosie.

Unable to stand a dented ego, Nate makes it his mission to win over this off-limits brunette, but it proves for one wild ride as Rosie has surprises of her own that rock Nate to the core.

Has the player finally been played?

NOTE: This is book 3 in the Guarded Hearts series, however it is a complete STAND ALONE novel so you do not need to have read the other parts first to enjoy Nate’s story.

Mar 25, 2014

About the author

Fighting to be Free - Nie so geliebt" ist der erste gedruckte Roman von Kirsty Moseley. Zuvor veröffentlichte die Autorin aus Norfolk ihre spannenden und gefühlvollen Geschichten als E-Books im Selbstverlag - und fand Millionen begeisterter Leserinnen und Leser. Kirsty Moseley ist verheiratet und Mutter eines Sohnes. Eines der Geheimnisse ihrer Romane: Ein klein wenig ähneln fast alle ihrer Helden ihrem Ehemann Lee. Natürlich nur in seinen besten Eigenarten.

Book Preview

Enjoying the Chase - Kirsty Moseley


Chapter One

As a subtle vibrating started against my leg, I looked up at my captain, wondering what he would do to me if I pulled out my cell phone and checked my incoming message. No doubt he would be seriously pissed if I got caught not listening to his briefing about the raid tomorrow.

Unable to resist peeking to see if it was from Sarah, or Sasha, or whatever the girl’s name was I was supposed to be taking out tonight, I pulled my phone out and took a sneaky look beneath the desk. I already knew that even if I got caught I wouldn’t be taken off point for the operation tomorrow. I was the best sharp shooter he had, so that afforded me a little leniency.

But instead of seeing a message from my date for the night, there were two picture messages from my best friend, Ashton Taylor. As I opened the first one, I was greeted by a cute little scrunched-up and messy-looking baby. My eyes widened as my breath caught in my throat. A moronic grin slipped onto my face as I scrolled to the next message. I saw Ashton’s wife, Anna, holding the baby and smiling proudly. The message underneath read:

Anna and baby Cameron both doing great’

Oh, shit yeah! I shouted excitedly, forgetting where I was as I leapt from my seat and pumped the air with one fist in celebration.

Nate Peters, what the hell do you think you’re doing interrupting my briefing? Captain Elder snapped as all eyes in the room turned to me.

I swallowed, shifting on my feet. Ashton and Anna had their baby, I announced, holding the phone up proudly, showing the rest of the team the photo as evidence.

Yeah? What did they have? Captain Elder asked, his face softening. He had always liked Ashton, and of course, the whole world was waiting with baited breath on the birth announcement. To say that Anna’s father was an important man would be the understatement of the century. Her father, Tom Spencer, was currently serving his second term in office as President of the United States. Anna, as first daughter, was a celebrity in her own right because of that. The press hung on every word that she and Ashton said and it seemed as though the whole world was gripped with ‘Annaton’ fever, and had been for the last five years since they were first photographed together.

Little boy, I answered.

Well, that’s awesome; I take it everything’s fine? How is Annabelle holding up? Captain Elder checked.

I nodded in confirmation. Apparently she’s doing good.

That’s great. Now can you sit the fuck down so I can finish my briefing?

Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. I slumped down in my seat, trying to look chastised but, to be honest, I wouldn’t have pulled it off. I couldn’t help but smile proudly. Ashton deserved this; I’d never seen him as happy as his wife made him. Anna was an incredible person, and I couldn’t help but be a little jealous that Ashton had met her first. She was beautiful, smart and funny – everything I hoped I’d find in a girl one day.

I could barely concentrate on the rest of the briefing. All I wanted to do was go to the hospital and meet the newest member of the Taylor family. When we were finally dismissed, I headed into the middle of the team in a bid to get out of the room before Captain Elder spotted me and kicked my ass down to the filing room as punishment for the interruption. Luckily for me, I made it without being called back.

As I walked out of the building, I called the hospital to find out what time visiting hours began in the maternity ward. I was told it wasn’t until seven thirty, so I had a couple of hours to wait. That would give me just enough time to buy a gift for the baby.

As soon as I walked through the door, I knew I was out of my depth. My twenty-five years of life had not prepared me for walking into a baby store. There were all sorts of baby clothes surrounding me: sleep suits, body suits, normal-looking outfits, bibs, blankets… I had no idea what to buy. After looking around hopelessly for ten minutes, I spotted a young, pretty blonde saleswoman standing at the counter.

My game smile slipped onto my face as I headed over to her, leaning on the counter.

Excuse me, ma’am, do you think you could offer me a little help? In return, I’d love to take you out to dinner. I smirked as a subtle blush covered her face and a little giggle escaped her lips.

Sure, Officer, what were you looking for? she replied, leaning in closer and twirling a lock of her hair around her finger. I wouldn’t even need to buy this girl dinner to get her into bed.

Staying on track and remembering what I was here for, I stood back up and gestured around the store helplessly.

My best friend just had a little baby boy, so I wanted to get a present or something. Is there anything in particular that I’m supposed to buy?

She smiled and pushed herself out from behind the counter, swaying her hips as she walked. I couldn’t help but let my eyes slide down to her ass. How about this? she suggested, grabbing a little blue and white outfit from the rail, barely even looking at it. Or we have a bigger selection out back. She raised one eyebrow suggestively.

I grinned at that. Sure, she was easy, but I wasn’t going to turn down a little backroom action if it was on offer. I knew what this was about – it was the uniform. Chicks dug my S.W.A.T uniform. It probably helped my cause that I was a good-looking guy, even if I did say so myself. I kept myself in shape because of my job; my blonde hair was always styled, my blue eyes stood out and a lot of girls complimented me on them.

"I’d love to see what you have out back," I replied.

When we were finished fooling around, I made my excuses and headed out of the store without even buying anything for the baby. The girl – Carly she had said her name was – was getting all clingy and kept asking when she was going to see me again. I’d ducked out of there as fast as I could.

A loud groan escaped my lips when I looked at my watch to see that it was already a quarter to seven. I didn’t have time to go anywhere else now so I’d just have to show up without a gift today.

On the way to the hospital, I pulled up and jumped out at the corner store, buying Ashton the biggest, fattest cigar they had. I chuckled as I shoved it in my pocket. He hated even the smell of them, but I was confident I could get him to smoke it if I told him it was tradition.

When I finally arrived at the hospital, I was directed to the maternity ward on the fifth floor. My insides were churning with excitement as I pressed the buzzer on the outer door and waited for the ward sister to let me in. After explaining who I was, and watching her check my name on her ‘approved visitors’ list, she motioned down the hall. As I looked down that way, I spotted Anna’s secret service bodyguard, Rick, sitting on a chair outside room three.

Hey, man, how you doing? I greeted, plopping into the seat next to him.

Yeah good, Nate. You? He smiled, running a hand through his hair.

Awesome. You seen him? I asked, nodding at the door to Anna’s room.

Yeah, I saw him a couple of hours ago. He’s cute.

Did the birth take long? I asked, genuinely curious.

He winced and sucked in a breath through his teeth. Yeah, I was in there with her for a little while, while we were waiting for Ashton. Damn, I don’t ever want to see that kind of thing again. It looked fucking painful. The screams… damn. He shook his head as if trying to shake the memories of it. "She went into labour this morning at about eight o’clock and we came to the hospital at about two. She looked like she really felt it, if you know what I mean."

I frowned at his answer. Anna has been in labour all day? Ouch! Mental note: don’t make fun of Anna today. Wow, that’s a long time. I guess I’d better head in and see what all the fuss is about, I joked.

I pushed open the door to her room. I was so excited to see the baby that my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. Ashton was like a brother to me, so the new baby was family.

Anna and Ashton were sitting up on the bed as I walked in. Ashton’s head snapped up as the door opened – ever protective. He smiled and moved off the bed as I walked in the room and wrapped my arm around him, patting his back proudly.

Holy shit, you two are parents! I enthused. Come on, Ashton, move out the way and let me seduce your girl, I joked, shoving my best friend out of the way as I leant over and kissed Anna’s cheek. She smiled up at me wearily – it was clear she needed to rest; I wouldn’t stay long. Well done, Anna, I congratulated. So, where is he, can I see him?

He’s here. Anna beamed proudly, motioning towards the side of the bed at the plastic crib.

Okay, first it’s time to tease the new dad! I gripped Ashton’s shoulder tightly and pulled the cigar from my pocket, holding it out to him.

He laughed nervously, subconsciously scrunching his nose up in distaste. A cigar?

Tradition. I nodded, trying to look serious; I couldn’t wait to get him to smoke it. He’d probably puke his guts up.

Dude, I hate cigars and so do you. He looked a little horrified, and I knew just by his face that it was worth the seven bucks I spent on it.

Taylor, it’s in the movies; the dad and his best friend have to smoke a cigar to welcome the baby into the world. I also have to take you out to get you drunk to wet the baby’s head. I grinned and turned to walk around the bed to see the baby.

I guess if it’s in the movies then it must be true, Ashton mumbled sarcastically.

Anna smiled. "I’ve seen that movie too. Nate’s right, it is tradition, Pretty Boy."

When I got to the little crib, I looked down at the tiny sleeping baby. Damn, he’s so small, I mused. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was just so perfect. I’d never really looked at a baby before and thought it was cute; usually all I thought about was the responsibility and the expense that went with one. He’s so beautiful. I’m so glad he looks like you, Anna, and not his dad, I joked, sneering at Ashton with mock disgust.

Anna chuckled and shook her head. Want to hold him?

Hell yeah. Can you pass him to me though? I asked, wincing and wondering how I would go about picking him up. I knew you needed to support a baby’s head, but that was about as far as my knowledge went. Instantly, she slipped her hands under Cameron’s little body, lifting him effortlessly and holding him out to me.

He didn’t even stir in his sleep as he was placed in my arms. I smiled down at him affectionately as my heart swelled in my chest. I would make sure that this little kid never wanted for anything.

Ashton sat back on the edge of the bed. So, Anna and I have been talking, and we wondered if you wanted to be Cameron’s godfather? he asked, cocking his head to the side and grinning at me.

My mouth fell open in shock. Seriously? Me? I asked, looking to see if they were joking. I wasn’t exactly the best role model for a child.

Anna nodded. Yeah you, Uncle Nate.

I couldn’t help but laugh when she called me that. Uncle Nate had a certain ring to it. I’d freaking love that! Thank you, guys, that really means a lot to me. I looked back down to the little baby in my arms. Hey, Cameron, I’m your Uncle Nate, and when you’re old enough, I’ll show you all my best moves to help you get girls, I said quietly, hoping that Anna wouldn’t hear me.

When I looked up at her I saw her and Ashton smiling at each other so tenderly it almost felt as if I was intruding. I’d never really wanted to settle down, but seeing them look at each other like that, while I held a tiny little baby in my arms, I couldn’t help but want that too. I wanted someone to look at me that intently and share their secrets with me without even saying a word.

The door opened behind me, so I turned expectantly, just as an extremely hot girl walked in. She had reddish-brown hair pulled back into a messy twist with tendrils escaping around her pretty face, and big brown eyes. Her body was incredible. Her jeans clung to her pert little behind in a way that made my stomach muscles tighten and my chest puff out unconsciously. As she walked up to the bed, I could do nothing other than stare at her while she kissed and hugged both Anna and Ashton in congratulations.

My mind was whirling, trying to work out who this would be. She had to be someone important to them because she had made the approved visitors list, but I certainly hadn’t seen her before – I would have remembered if I had!

When she turned back to me, she had a beautiful smile stretched across her lips. She held her arms out for Cameron expectantly. Hi. Stop hogging the baby, she joked. Her voice was just the right amount of husky, which piqued my interest even further.

Who the hell are you, and why don’t I have your number? I smirked at her, waiting for her to giggle and blush. She didn’t. Instead, she rolled her eyes and sighed.

Uh-oh, slut alert, she replied sarcastically.

I recoiled, shocked at her brush off. That never happened to me before; girls never turned me down – especially not while I was wearing my uniform! I raised one eyebrow, going for the sexy, cocky approach. Girls really fell for that.

Excuse me, extremely hot woman that I don’t know, I’m offended by that. You don’t even know me. How can you just come in and make judgment on me based on one thing I say? I asked, faking hurt.

Her smile turned teasing. I’m pretty good at reading people, and my gut’s telling me you’re a player. If I’m wrong then I apologise. Getting back to the matter in hand, can I please hold my best friend’s baby? She stepped closer to me and held out her arms again for Cameron.

Holy shit, she did it again! Another brush off. Had I lost my Nate Peters magic? Or was I actually dreaming? She wasn’t even looking at me; her eyes were firmly locked on the baby in my arms. I frowned, disgruntled. It was a little scary how uninterested this girl actually was in me. She stepped closer, and her sweet perfume enveloped me.

One date and he’s all yours. I grinned, hoping to convince her and win her over.

She took her eyes off Cameron long enough to look up at me then. Sure, how about February 30th? I’m free that day.

I stared at her, digesting her words. Now that the shock of her knock-back had faded slightly, I realised that I actually quite liked her turning me down. It was a definite first for me.

Without waiting for me to agree, she slipped her hands under Cameron’s body and plucked him effortlessly from my arms. I laughed; still a little bemused by how unaffected she was by me.

You’re funny and hot, I like it, I admitted.

She didn’t respond, just looked down at the cute little bundle in her arms. Her face softened, her eyebrows knitted together and tears swam in her eyes. Her lips pursed as she let out a breathy sigh.

Hi, baby, she whispered, stroking Cameron’s face with the side of one finger. Oh, he’s so beautiful. She shook her head in awe as she sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at him adoringly. I want one! She laughed breathlessly.

I decided to turn on my A game. This approach never failed, girls loved commitment comments. I could help you out with that if you want, I offered.

She grinned up at me. Sure. You gonna steal me one from the nursery?

Yeah. You want a boy or a girl? I subtly let my eyes slide over her. So how come we’ve not met? Who are you, by the way?

Anna answered before the hot girl could even open her mouth. This is Rosie, my best friend from college. Rosie, this is Nate Peters, she waved her hand between us in introduction.

I nodded in understanding. I’d heard of Rosie before; she and Anna had met at school and had been friends ever since but didn’t get to see each other very often because Rosie lived a couple of hours away. Had I known she was this hot I would have paid more attention to Anna when she talked about her.

Talk then turned to the baby and his name and how they came up with it. When Anna and Rosie started talking about the birth, I tuned out, not wanting to know details. While they talked, I kept stealing little glances at Anna’s friend, watching as she spoke and laughed. After a little while, Anna yawned but put her hand over her mouth, trying to cover it up. I instantly felt bad; she’d been through a lot today and probably just wanted to rest, not to have to talk to us.

I’m gonna let you guys have some peace. I stood up and looked at Rosie. Want to get some late dinner or something?

She smiled up at me and stood too. Sure, I’m pretty hungry actually.

She leant over, hugging both Anna and Ashton before bending over and kissing my little godson.

When she was out of the way, I shook Ashton’s hand, beaming at him proudly before kissing Anna’s cheek. I turned back to Rosie and she smiled, heading out of the door. I followed eagerly, watching her pert behind sway as she walked.

Damn, that is one fine ass, and I am definitely going to tap that!

Chapter Two

As soon as we were outside of the door, I spotted Rick still sitting exactly where I’d left him earlier. Hey man, still here? I asked, frowning.

No, I left an hour ago.

Hilarious. Go call the night guard and ask what the hold-up is, I suggested. You definitely sure you can’t come out Saturday night for Seth’s birthday?

He shook his head in answer. Definitely. I have family over. Next time though, for sure.

I nodded absentmindedly as I glanced up at Rosie. She was frowning down into her purse. I’ll catch you later, Rick. I walked over to Rosie, glancing over her shoulder and seeing that she had just over four dollars in her purse. Ready? I smiled.

As she jumped and looked up at me, her frown left her face and a teasing smile graced her lips. Actually, I can’t. I’ve just remembered that I have to go and wash my hair. Sorry.

Brush off number four, why the hell do I like this? Baby, I’m going to have sex with you tonight, so you might as well be there. I smiled at her and tried to go for the confident look that told her I knew how to show her a good time. I’d definitely never had any complaints before.

She laughed, shaking her head and wrinkling her nose in distaste. That’s not happening, sorry. Thanks for the offer and it was nice to finally meet you.

Her sneakers squeaked on the polished floor as she spun on her heel and walked off. I stared after her in shock. Rejected, five times. This was getting a little worrying, but the annoying thing was, I was actually starting to like it. I’d never really had to try to get a girl before and Rosie’s disinterest was actually proving to be quite fun. Most guys complained about having to chase girls, but in reality, having it handed to you on a plate was boring after a while. This was all totally new to me, and certainly enjoyable.

A smile slipped onto my face as I ran to catch up with her. I wasn’t willing to admit defeat yet.

She didn’t look at me as I matched my pace to hers, keeping my eyes straight, purposefully walking a little close to her side but not touching her. I ignored her completely, trying desperately not to smile as I saw her glance at me quickly, obviously wondering what I was doing by walking so close to her and not speaking. We walked silently down the corridors, working our way out of the building. Every couple of seconds she would glance at me slyly; she actually looked a little worried.

Which way are you going? she asked as she stopped, frowned and stepped away from me slightly. I was obviously encroaching in her personal space and making her uncomfortable.

I pursed my lips, pretending to think. Not sure yet, I’ll let you know.

She scowled at me and clutched her purse closer to her side as she walked off. I grinned and matched my stride to hers again; we were almost at the main exit now. She stopped just inside the door and gestured for me to go through first.

Ladies first. I shook my head and pushed the door open, standing there, smiling politely until she sighed and marched through it, turning right towards the street. I quickly caught up with her, again walking that little bit too close for comfort.

She stopped and scowled at me. What the hell are you doing?

I shrugged casually. Stalking you.

A smile twitched at the corners of her mouth and her eyes softened slightly. How’s that working out for you?

I scrunched my nose up. It’s a little boring actually. You think maybe you could do something to liven this up a little? I asked, trying to keep my expression serious.

She burst out laughing and I smiled proudly. Are you gonna leave me alone? she asked when she had calmed down somewhat.

Not until after we’ve eaten.

She sighed and shook her head. I really can’t.

Come on, Rosie, I need to celebrate the fact that my best friend in the world just had a baby. Don’t make me do that on my own. I’m buying. You can order the most expensive thing on the menu just to spite me if you want, I offered.

Come on, say yes. One little word. Y.E.S. Just say yes! She didn’t look like she was going for it, so I decided maybe I’d try and make her go for it. There were a few people around, smoking and talking outside the hospital.

I dropped down onto my knees and grabbed her hand before she even had a chance to react. Please come out with me. Please, I’m begging you, please! Don’t leave me hanging like this in front of all of these people, I begged dramatically, gesturing to all the people who were now watching me make a complete and utter dick out of myself.

A blush rapidly spread across her cheeks.

Please, Rosie, I’m begging you to give me a chance! I can’t sleep because I’m always thinking about you. I can’t eat. I don’t even see other girls any more; all I see is you. Please, you’re killing me, I continued, getting louder. I turned to the middle-aged woman standing staring at us, shocked. You think she should give me a chance, don’t you? I’ve been in love with her for the last ten years, and she won’t give me a shot. Why, Rosie? Why? I wailed dramatically, fighting to keep the smile off my face. The gorgeous little brunette was now a bright shade of red as she tugged, trying to get her hand out of my grip.

The lady watching put her hand over her heart. Aww, honey, give him a chance. If a handsome man begged me like that I’d sure as hell give him a shot, she gushed, nodding in encouragement.

Rosie shifted on her feet uncomfortably, ducking her head in embarrassment. Get up! she hissed.

I raised a challenging eyebrow. Oh no. This continues until you agree to come to dinner with me, I whispered. Please, Rosie, PLEASE? I begged, loudly.

She winced and looked around quickly with a horrified expression on her face. Fine, just get up!

I jumped to my feet, grinning triumphantly. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? I gloated. I turned towards the people who were watching the scene in shock and amusement. I held my hands up above my head in celebration. She said yes! I shouted excitedly for the benefit of the crowd. Some of them cheered, a couple applauded; I smiled and gave a little bow as Rosie practically ran away from me in the direction of the parking lot.

I caught up to her easily and winced as her purse slapped me in the stomach. That was so freaking embarrassing! she groaned, slyly glancing over her shoulder to see if the crowd of people was still watching us.

I threw my arm around her shoulder. Oh, you loved it.

Asshole, she muttered under her breath. "I’m so ordering the lobster."

Yeah, me too, I joked, winking at her when she looked up at me. Judging by her playful and amused eyes, she wasn’t angry with me for making a scene. When her elbow jabbed into my ribs warningly, I let my arm slide off her shoulder and grinned. I actually like it a little rough, I joked, rubbing my side as she rolled her eyes at me. This was the most fun I’d had with a girl for a long time. She reminded me a little of Anna – spunky and game for a laugh.

Are you trying to talk me out of this? She raised one eyebrow in warning.

No way, muffin. I can’t wait to embarrass you in the restaurant too, I teased.

She closed her eyes and groaned as I closed my hand over hers and pulled her in the general direction of my car. On the way to the restaurant, she barely spoke to me. I purposefully chose a fairly nice one so she could put a dent in my credit card like she obviously wanted to as payback for the little scene outside the hospital.

So, where do you live? I’ve heard Anna mention you’re a couple of hours away? I asked curiously, as we scanned the menus.

Barstow, San Bernardino, she answered. But I’m moving to LA next week for my job.

Yeah? What’s your job?

I’m a teacher; well, I will be a teacher when I move here anyway. At the moment, I work three jobs to pay the rent. She shrugged easily.

A teacher? Wow, there certainly weren’t any teachers that looked like her at the school I went to.

You’re going to be a teacher? What grade?

Second, she answered, shrugging.

That’s good. I felt sorry for the poor kids for a minute then, having to try and concentrate with a hottie teacher. I guess in second grade they won’t be daydreaming about what colour panties you have on instead of listening to your lesson. I smirked confidently as she laughed and shook her head at me.

You really are a flirt. I give you ten out of ten for the attempt, but seriously, if you’re expecting me to sleep with you then you’re going to be really disappointed. She looked at me challengingly as she sat back in her chair.

Oh, now I get it. You’re a lesbian, I replied, trying to look serious.

Her hard exterior cracked and she burst into laughter. So you think the only reason that a girl would turn you down, is because she’s a lesbian?

Hell yeah, no girl can resist me, I replied, only half joking, she was actually the only girl that had ever turned me down. Hopefully she actually was a lesbian and then I could relax, safe in the knowledge that my sex appeal was unquestioned.

I’m not a lesbian and I can resist you, trust me. You really aren’t my type, she stated, looking me over in a disinterested manner.

Not your type? What the hell does that mean? What’s wrong with me? I asked, genuinely wanting to hear what she’d say.

I don’t go for cocky, overconfident guys that care more about how they look than whether they have anything interesting to say. Players just don’t do it for me. She shrugged taking a drink of her water, her amused eyes not leaving mine.

I have plenty interesting to say, I countered.

She leant forward in her chair. Okay, let’s hear it.

Fuck it. What the hell do I say to that? I frowned, wondering what she would find interesting. I needed to actually think of something that she would be impressed with. Panic bubbled in my stomach as nothing sprung to mind. Thankfully, the waiter came over and took our order, so I got a few minutes reprieve. Surprisingly, she didn’t order anything too expensive like I thought she would.

When the waiter walked off, I smiled and decided to change the subject. Cameron’s so cute, isn’t he?

She smiled. Nice diversion. And yeah, he was incredibly cute, but then again with parents like Anna and Ashton, the kid’s going to be good-looking.

Yeah, I guess he’s got good genes, I admitted. Our kid would be hot too. As soon as I said it, I wished I hadn’t. Another comment about us sleeping together. Clearly I couldn’t take a hint or a rejection.

You just can’t help yourself, can you? she commented, rolling her eyes.

Not around you by the looks of it. So, what three jobs are you working now then? I questioned, trying to change the subject.

I work in a restaurant as a waitress at lunchtimes. I have a cleaning job, and I’m a maid in a hotel. She shrugged turning her nose up.

My ears pricked up at the last one. Oh yeah? You have one of those little French maid outfits? I asked, grinning as I started to imagine her in one.

She sighed and a smile twitched at the corner of her mouth. Those are just for sexual dressing up, Nate, so no, I don’t own one of those.

Oh. Well, don’t worry then, I’ll let you borrow mine, I joked.

She chuckled. You’re actually quite funny.

I smiled at the half compliment. So, how come we’ve never met before? You definitely weren’t at Ashton and Anna’s wedding. They’d gotten married just over four years ago; we’d all gone to the Maldives to see them get married on the beach. At the time, it was only close friends and family invited, but if this was Anna’s best friend then surely she would have been asked to be a bridesmaid or something.

She frowned and shook her head. No, I couldn’t go to the wedding.

How come? I pressed.

She blew out a big breath and looked down at the table. I had a lot going on at the time and it made it impossible for me to go. I’m sorry I missed it, it looked so beautiful.

Yeah, it was a nice place. So, what did you have going on at the time?

My, we are nosy aren’t we!

Deciding to change the subject because she clearly wasn’t going to tell me, I leant forward and grinned wickedly. So, what do you want me to do to embarrass you in the restaurant? I teased.

Her smile fell off her face immediately. Nothing.

How about I get down on one knee and propose, then pretend I’ve lost the ring? I suggested.

She chuckled uncomfortably. If you do that, then I’m going to say no, and announce to everyone that I’ve been sleeping with your brother and that he’s ten times better in bed than you are.

I loved her come back. Okay, two things wrong with that statement. One, I don’t have a brother, and two, no one’s better in bed than I am.

She suddenly looked serious. Nate, please don’t embarrass me. I hate being the centre of attention. She looked at me pleadingly, giving me the most adorably cute puppy dog face I’d ever seen. Holy crap, did I just think that a girl looked cute? I meant sexy; yeah, sexy is a lot better. Wow, I’m turning into some sort of pansy or something.

Okay, I won’t… if you agree that you find me attractive, I offered.

You need to bribe girls to get them to admit that? Wow, I feel a little sorry for you, she replied, faking sympathy.

Fine, I’ll leave it for now, but I bet you twenty bucks that you’ll be coming home with me tonight, I stated confidently, crossing my arms over my chest.

She laughed and shook her head. Save your money, I don’t want it. Just so this little flirting thing will stop though, I’ll tell you now that I already have a man in my life and he’s everything I need.

She smiled happily and her face softened. Irrational jealousy started to form in my stomach. Rosie was fun, beautiful, funny and challenging. I would certainly like to see more of her, but she definitely didn’t look like she was willing to cheat on her man, so I really had no chance with her at all.

Oh, I muttered, trying not to show her how disappointed I was.

Sorry. I did tell you before dinner that I wasn’t interested. She looked at me apologetically.

The fighter in me wasn’t ready to give up yet though. No worries, we can still enjoy dinner. Maybe I’ll make you forget your man’s name by the end of the meal.

The rest of the night was fun. Both of us were laughing so hard that, at one point, she almost spat her drink out of her mouth. I continued to flirt with her but she really wasn’t interested. Every time she brushed me off I became more and more frustrated, but turned on by it at the same time. It was a weird sensation; liking it, but hating it at the same time. Rosie was a great person; I could see why she was such a good friend to Anna.

I paid for the dinner and she smiled gratefully as we walked out. Thanks for that. That was a nice place, she said, nodding over her shoulder at the restaurant as we walked down the street to where I’d parked my car.

Yeah, and don’t worry, I’ll let you pay next time, I joked. When she wrapped her arms around herself, hugging against the cold, I slipped my leather jacket off and draped it around her shoulders.

She smiled gratefully and pulled it tighter around her. Thanks.

I couldn’t help but smile back at her. She had a beautiful smile; her bottom lip was slightly fuller than her top one making them look so kissable that I could barely stop myself from grabbing her, shoving her against the nearest building, and crashing my mouth to hers.

Sure. What time’s your train? Want to go get a drink now or something? I asked hopefully.

I need to get back. She looked a little torn, as if she wanted to go for a drink with me – or maybe that was just wishful thinking because she was crushing my ego.

Okay, come on then I’ll drive you to the station, I said reluctantly.

When we got to my car, I strutted around to the driver’s side and climbed in, and then immediately cursed myself for not thinking to open her door for her. I was terrible with this, clearly. I had no practice with this type of thing at all, because usually the girl would be falling all over me by now so it wouldn’t matter if I’d opened her door or not. I had no idea how to be a ‘gentleman’.

The ride to the train station was quiet. When we pulled up, she shrugged off my jacket and held it out to me. Before taking it, I frowned out of the windshield, not liking the thought of just dropping her off and leaving her without knowing that she got on her train safely. It was pitch black outside. I pushed the jacket back towards her.

I’ll walk you inside. I didn’t wait for an answer as I climbed out of the car and started to walk around to her side. She smiled gratefully as she climbed out. While we walked to the right platform, she slipped my jacket back around her shoulders. Luckily, her train was about to leave so she wouldn’t have to wait long.

At the door of the train, she slipped my jacket off and held it out to me, smiling. Thanks for dinner, Nate, it was fun.

Yeah, it was, I agreed. I cleared my throat, just needing to try one more time. So, do I really not get your number?

She laughed and shook her head. Sorry.

Okay, never mind, but you don’t know what you’re missing out on, I teased.

Oh, I can imagine. I’m pretty sure I’m missing out on incredible sex, and heartbreak, she replied, shrugging. Anyway, thanks for tonight. I guess I’ll see you at Cameron’s christening.

She stepped into the train and waved before walking off inside to go and find a seat. A long groan slipped out of my mouth when she was out of sight. I’d never failed at anything in my life other than winning over this girl. As a beep sounded, signalling the doors were about to close, my body reacted instinctively. I thrust out my arm, stopping it from closing and then pushed it back open. Without even thinking it through, I jumped onto the train and let the doors slide closed behind me.

My eyes widened in shock as I looked back at the door. Shit, what the hell did I do that for? She’s just a girl for fuck’s sake! I sighed deeply as the train began to pull out of the station. It was too late to get off now. It appeared I was in for a sleepless night due to my stupid and impromptu move. She’d told me that she lived a couple of hours away, so that meant I would be on the train for a four-hour round trip. Next time think things through before jumping on a train to get a girl’s attention, asshole! I sighed deeply. At least I now got to make sure she got home safely anyway. And, on a brighter note, I now had another two hours to convince her to sleep with me.

I glanced down the carriage. Rosie was sitting about half way down; her head was resting back on the seat, her eyes were closed. I grinned and walked up to her, stopping at her side.

Fuck me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Claire? I asked.

Her eyes snapped open, and she looked at me, clearly shocked, as I sat down in the empty seat next to hers. What the hell are you doing? she asked, looking at me like I was crazy.

I shrugged. No idea actually. Wouldn’t be much of a stalker if I didn’t find out where you lived, would I?

Chapter Three

We chatted easily the whole trip. She told me about the school she was going to be working at. How she had graduated college, but wasn’t able to find a teaching job in her home town, so she had to come to LA instead. Apparently, she didn’t like LA very much and was going to miss her mom who she would be leaving in Barstow. She was, however, excited to have her dream job and be closer to Anna and her younger sister.

We talked a little about my job and where I lived. I continued to flirt, and she continued to reject me. Rosie was incredibly funny and smart, and I couldn’t help but admire her putdowns. During the whole two-hour trip, there wasn’t a single awkward silence. Usually I ran out of things to say to a girl after a little while – which wouldn’t be a problem because I’d just shove my tongue down her throat – but Rosie just seemed to capture my attention.

I also noticed little things about her that made me smile, like how she used her hands when she spoke of something she was passionate about, or how she bit her bottom lip when she was concentrating. How she kept brushing the tendrils of hair back that had escaped around her face, but they were slightly too short to go behind her ear so they would just fall back again immediately. How her brown eyes seemed to sparkle in the dull train lighting above our heads.

When we pulled in at her station, she smiled and stood up. Thanks for making sure I got here.

I stood up too. What I really wanted to do was walk her to her front door and make sure she got home safely. It was well after midnight now, and she shouldn’t be walking the streets alone.

I’ll just find out what time the next train is back to LA, I muttered, following her off the train to the little board that showed the times.

After a quick scan, I noted that there was a train leaving in five minutes, and then another in an hour.

How far away do you live? I asked, looking over the empty train station.

Rosie smiled and shouldered her purse. It’s only about ten minutes’ walk. Thanks for dinner and the company.

No worries. I took my jacket off and slipped it around her shoulders, discreetly leaving my arm there too as I started leading her towards the main entrance.

She stopped and frowned up at me. Nate, seriously, go get a seat before the train goes without you.

I’ll get the next one and walk you home. I shrugged easily, tightening my arm around her shoulders as I guided her to start walking again.

You sure? I mean, I’ll be fine from here.

I’m sure. I’ll walk you.

She didn’t shrug my arm off, so I smiled and left it there. Rosie’s petite form fitted under my arm perfectly.

Okay, thank you. She pulled my jacket tighter around her and smiled gratefully as the wind whipped around us. So, what time do you have to start work tomorrow? she asked, making conversation as we started to walk down a dark and not-very-well-lit street.

Five, I replied, grimacing.

She gasped. Five in the morning? You won’t get time to sleep! You should go get that earlier train. At least then you might be able to catch a couple of hours sleep before work, she protested, stopping and frowning.

I fought a smile at her stern expression and the concern that was clear across her face. Rosie, will you keep walking? It’s late at night, and it’s dark, there could be all sorts of weirdos lingering down these dark streets, just waiting to take advantage of a handsome thing like me, I joked, looking around with mock horror.

She laughed and shook her head. Don’t worry, baby, I’ll protect you.

Thanks. I grinned as we started walking again.

The walk to her apartment was short, like she’d said. When we arrived at her building, I followed her up to the third floor and stopped outside her door. She looked up at me, fiddling with her keys in her hand and shifting on her feet uncomfortably.

I can’t invite you in, I’m sorry.

I smiled and shook my head; I hadn’t expected her to.

It’s fine. So, maybe when you move to LA we could catch up or something? I suggested, trying desperately not to lean in and press my lips against hers. Her bottom lip looked so incredibly inviting, especially when she chewed on it like she was doing at the moment. My body longed to press against her, to pin her against the wall, to rip her clothes off and run my tongue across every inch of her. But instead of doing any of that, I ran my hand through my hair and tried not to let my desire show on my face.

I don’t think so, Nate, she answered almost apologetically.

Because you already have a man? I inquired, letting my eyes wander her face, checking for any signs of indecision. Maybe if I just kiss her, she’ll kiss me back… Or maybe she’ll slap my face. I decided against it. Clearly she wasn’t interested in me, and I couldn’t stop the jealousy from building up inside me because of that knowledge. During the last couple of hours, I’d realised how great she was. Her boyfriend was a lucky guy; I hoped he knew it.

Yeah, she whispered, nodding.

Okay, well it was nice to meet you and stalk you for a few hours. Thanks for keeping me entertained. Your first piece of stalker mail should arrive within the next couple of days, I joked, grinning at her and trying to cover up my disappointment.

She chuckled, handing me back my jacket. I’ll look forward to it.

I slipped it on, immediately feeling the warmth of the material from her body. I took one last look at her before I turned and headed back to the station to wait for my train. As I sat there, sipping bad coffee from a paper cup, I couldn’t help but wonder if this girl was my Anna; my perfect match. Technically, it didn’t even matter because she wasn’t interested.

By the time I was back in LA, I was exhausted. My eyes stung and it was almost four in the morning. I had just over an hour before I was due to start work. I headed back to my apartment and had a nice hot shower, trying to wake up my muscles a little. After pulling on a fresh uniform, I headed to my department a little earlier than I needed to, deciding to read through my briefing pack with all the details of the day’s operation.

My team of ten was going to a building downtown, where they had been tracking a drug dealer. Apparently, there was a cop undercover with the group; he’d fed us information that there was a big deal going down this morning at seven. I was to lead the snipers – four of us in total – and we would take vantage points across the street. The other six agents in my team would move into the building and secure the targets after the deal had gone down. A tech team had already set up the building with cameras and motion detectors in preparation, so we would be able to watch the deal before moving in. It all sounded fairly standard to me, not unlike a normal raid, except we needed to be careful of the undercover cop. I flicked to his picture so I would know who he was during the raid.

When I was done reading, I rested my head on my arms and waited for everyone else to arrive. I must have fallen asleep because I jolted upright when someone smacked me on the back of my head. Russell, one of my teammates, laughed wickedly, obviously proud of himself.

Asshole, I grunted tiredly as he dropped into the seat next to mine.

Another girl keep you up all night? he asked, shaking his head. Russell was a married man and always disapproved of the tales I told of girls I’d been with.

I smiled. He was right, but not in the way he was thinking. Yep, I had no sleep at all. It was fun though, I answered honestly.

He rolled his eyes. When are you going to grow up and stop sleeping around?

I sat back in my chair, rubbing a hand over face, trying to wake up a little more. When my dick shrivels up and falls off, I joked.

Before he could answer, the captain walked in the room and everyone went quiet, listening to last minute instructions before we all piled into two vans and headed to the location.

Two hours later I was lying flat on my stomach, looking through the eyepiece of my rifle. In the building opposite, I could see five guys fussing around a briefcase. One of them was the undercover cop. Apparently, there were another four guys spread around the building, keeping watch while the deal went down. I didn’t need to worry about those four though, the ground team would take them out before they moved in.

My comms unit crackled to life. We’re moving in. Radio silence. This meant that we could hear what was going on with them, but they couldn’t hear us unless we buzzed to get their attention. That way we didn’t give away their positions.

I glanced at Russell, who was about twenty feet away, mirroring my position and aiming at the building too. I’ll cover the two on the right, I said, signalling with my hand.

Yeah okay, I’ll go left then. He nodded, looking back into his eyepiece.

My comms unit crackled again. I’m going in, Kurt, one of my more reckless team members, hissed.

Kurt, just wait. We’re not ready, just wait for the signal, Neil replied.

I can hear someone coming, I need to move in.

No. Just hold off. Take out who you need to, and wait for the signal. We have an undercover in there, Neil ordered sternly.

I frowned, grinding my teeth as I listened to their exchange. Kurt was always like this; the fucking asshole couldn’t take orders.

Through my eyepiece, I watched the room as the sound of shouting and gunfire came through my earpiece. Against orders, Kurt had burst into the room on his own. I tensed, lining up my shot for the guy closest to Kurt, ready to take him down if I needed to. Three of the guys immediately looked around, shocked; they were suits, they had others to do the shooting for them so they just stood there with their hands up innocently. The undercover cop moved to the side, but held his hands up too, playing along until he was arrested like he was supposed to in case the raid went wrong and he needed to stay under. The fifth guy moved quickly, slamming Kurt into the wall making his gun drop from his hand.

Nate? Russell shouted, waiting for me to make the call of whether we should take him out.

Hold, I called, lining up my sight as I frantically searched for a shot that wouldn’t hit Kurt. They were scuffling around on the floor rolling over and moving too much. There was no shot.

The three suits ran from the room, grabbing the briefcase, with the undercover hot on their heels. I heard Neil ordering a change of positions so the ground team could pick them up. Somehow the guy grappling with Kurt got the upper hand and grabbed the gun from the floor, standing at the same time as Kurt and pointing the gun at him. I could hear their conversation through my earpiece. The way they were positioned Kurt had his back to me and was blocking my shot to the guy with the gun.

Motherfucker, the guy spat.

Just calm down. There are agents all over the building, if you shoot me then you won’t make it out of here alive, Kurt stated, holding his hands up in surrender. The guy’s eyes flicked around the room quickly, obviously looking for a way out.

Do you have a shot? I called to Russell.

No, I’ve got nothing. Kurt’s in the way.

I pressed the button on my comms unit, calling through to the two other snipers that were three floors down from us. Steve, Cody, you have a shot? I asked hopefully. I had a shot, but didn’t want to take it; it was straight through the guy’s forehead and we should try and go for a body shot if possible. It was better to wound than to kill.

No nothing, they both replied. Fuck it! You have anything? Steve asked.

I swallowed. I have a kill shot.

Come on, Kurt, step to the right a little. Just move your body. You know we’re watching. Move your fucking body out of the way! Kurt was still trying to calm the guy down, but he was just looking more and more stressed with each passing second.

Let’s just go in together. Give me the gun, and it’ll be easier for you, Kurt coaxed.

I can’t go inside again, I can’t, the guy cried, as he raised the gun again.

I saw the indecision on his face fade as he made up his mind to shoot. His face hardened, and his jaw tightened. Without hesitation, I pulled the trigger on my assault rifle. The shot smashed the window in the building opposite me, shattering glass everywhere. The glass hit the floor a second before the guy’s dead body did.

Kurt spun on his heel, looking in our direction gratefully. His face was pale as he ran a hand through his hair. I gritted my teeth as anger built inside me. He was always doing things like this. I’d killed more people because of his stupidity than needed to be dead, and I hated it. I hated to know that I was the one to end someone’s life. It played on my mind after – not that anyone knew that, of course, I didn’t talk to anyone about my feelings because it was just my job. I was damn good at it too; I was the best long-range shooter, which was why I was chosen to lead and make the decisions. I knew I had done the right thing in shooting, but deep down I knew that if Kurt hadn’t moved in early then the rest of the team would have been there to back him up. That guy might not have died today.

Nice shot, Russell congratulated me, slapping my shoulder as I packed up my gun once we’d been given the all clear from the ground team.

Thanks. I nodded trying not to show any emotions. I needed a drink. I needed to fuck someone senseless and get wasted so that I could stop thinking about the way the guy’s body fell limply to the floor.

Slinging my gun bag over my shoulder, I headed downstairs slowly, knowing I was going to be interviewed over what had happened. There was always an investigation when a kill was involved. Kurt was standing off to one side, smoking and laughing with one of the other team members as if nothing had happened. It may have been bravado on his part, but I saw red. I dropped my bag and grabbed the front of his tactical vest, shoving him roughly against the side of the car that he was standing next to.

Fucking dickhead! Why can’t you just do as you’re damn well ordered for once in your life? I snapped, as he gripped my wrists and tried to push me off.

It all worked out in the end, so what’s your problem? he asked breathlessly.

You’re my problem! You’re always pulling shit like this. You need to grow the fuck up, or you’re going to get yourself killed, I spat, my face inches from his. All I could think about was ramming my fist down his throat and pulling his heart out.

He smiled weakly. I won’t get myself killed, Nate, you’re too good at your job.

I pulled back and shoved him away from me, watching as he stumbled and fell onto his butt on the sidewalk.

Maybe next time I won’t have the shot and you’ll take one through the forehead just like he did, I retorted, turning and picking up my gun bag. I forced myself to walk away from him before I did something stupid.

The rest of the day passed slowly, I had to fill in a ton of forms and reports stating that I had no other choice but to take the kill shot. Russell and Kurt were interviewed too. Finally, after about two hours of talking, I was dismissed and allowed to go home early while they combined their evidence and then made their decision. I knew I wouldn’t be in trouble for it; this was just a formality; a tedious, annoying formality, which, unfortunately, was part of my job all too often.

It was only lunchtime so I decided to go and have a couple of hours sleep so that I could go out tonight and get wasted. I really needed something to take my mind off work, but I didn’t have the energy right now for anything physical. Picking up a girl for random stranger sex was usually my first defence when these feelings started seeping in, but even that didn’t appeal to me at the moment. Instead, I went home alone and slumped into my bed without bothering to take off my uniform.

It was at times like this that I wished I had a girl of my own. A girl to ask me what was wrong and let me offload my feelings on to. A girl to hold me, so I could think about anything other than the way the target’s eyes went vacant just before he fell to the floor. A girl to just want to be with me for me, instead of the way I looked or because I wore a uniform.

My half-asleep mind wandered to Rosie. I closed my eyes against the afternoon light and imagined

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    This book is much better than the first one, I think. Or maybe I'm just biased because I love player-falls-in-love love stories. But, seriously. there were so many laugh-out0loud moments (it was so hard to contain my laughter when I was reading in public) and I loved to see Nate fall head over heels in love. And DJ!!! He's soooo cute.

    The ending, though. That was a winner!
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