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Foul Play (An Emily O'Brien novel #3)

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Every time I think of my past, I’m filled with shame, both for the things I’ve done and the people I’ve hurt. Adam Wheeler definitely fell into the category of people I should have treated better, one of the people who tried to help me when I wouldn’t save myself...Two hunters find a corpse in a forest preserve outside Mt. Compton, Illinois, but no one can explain how Adam Wheeler died. Driven by guilt to attend a funeral in her hometown, reporter Emily O’Brien learns of his death and sets out to find out who killed her former friend and teammate. As she begins unraveling Adam’s secrets, her discoveries paint a tale of love, control and revenge – and possibly a motive for murder. But her search comes with a price. Emily must also face the demons from her own past and find a way toward forgiveness and redemption. As her hunt for the killer continues, Emily finds that the questions she’s asking are putting her in danger and soon she also is running for her life.

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