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Lisa was not new to the law. since the age of 16 she had been in and out of trouble. After doing twelve years in prison, her life on the outside would never be the same.

She was introduced to trigger who's bad boy image, and life style attracted her immediately. when she fell in love, she wanted to live the American dream. from jersey city, to Miami Florida, Lisa and trigger left a blood trail. from murder for hire to bank robberies, they felt as though they were untouchable. Now Lisa has everything materialistic that a woman could want.

Month's later, Lisa had two last dreams that she wanted to come true, that would make her feel complete. Which is, to feel true love, and marry the man of her dreams.

But when Lisa is arrested by the FBI she is faced with a serious ultimatum. Wear a wire and set her lover up, or spend the rest of her life in prison.

As trigger made plans for their last bank heist, will Lisa find the true love that she desired, and go out guns blazing with her lover? or will she send her lover to death row?

Soon after trigger is arrested but is released a few years later on an technicality, and his blood money had been confiscated. he was relying on an old friend named hard to pay him an old debt. but word on the street was that scheme and nut had killed hard. so trigger threatens the two brothers to pay hard's debt... murder is the only means of keeping their secret reputation. Who will live and who will die.
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ISBN: 9781493170821
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