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The Kid Justice Series is trying to send a message to the youth of this world that it is alright to be normal. It’s alright to help people in need and that it is wrong to do harm to our fellow men and women. This is the first volume. Volume two is being written at present.
The book covers some of the wrong that our young may encounter and the evil forces a city can thrust upon them. It is not trying to scare anyone but does show, in a graphic way, some of the issues all society is confronted with, day in and day out.
Kid Justice, (Corey Groves), is a young man, eighteen years of age, who becomes dedicated to fighting crimes of all kinds, and is a young master of the martial arts. His master teacher is Master Jung, his uncle, who becomes his father after Corey’s parents are killed in a car accident. Together they create the Justice Team and work alongside the police as a surveillance squad displaying a presence that becomes a deterring force to be reckoned with.
The Justice Team starts out with just four members. Corey, Lake, Sheena and their Master Teacher, Master Jung. You’ll have to buy the book to find out how they become a team and all the issues they are confronted with. It has action for those who like that. It has romance for the women and some of the issues a young girl might encounter while growing up. So please enjoy!
The two continued walking and then suddenly heard a screaming cry for help. It was loud enough to pierce an ear drum. Seeing a young girl being bullied by two of the scum they had been searching for, caused them to accelerate to the scene like two black and whites without lights and sirens.
Scum being what they are took the girl using her for cover with a switch blade at her throat. They were brave enough to bully a girl, innocent and kindhearted, causing her to fear for her life; but weak and cowardly when threatened by a force to be reckoned with. Corey slowly closed the distance to the bully.
“Don’t come any closer man,” This scum that doesn’t respect anything, human or otherwise, warned.
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