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The Middle Room

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The Middle Room is an account of a Spiritual odyssey on the heels of a youthful rebellion. It's a true life story with a Genesis revelation. One that will reach deep into the heart of every reader and into the consciousness of every participant. You will laugh, you may cry, should you see, you will be changed. Enter The Middle Room.
There you will learn of a sight given to child raised by a maternal grandmother from six months of age due to the tragedy of an untimely death. She raises him with unconditional love and in the church from which he soon turns away. However she laid a foundation upon which will be built one of the greatest revelations of scripture. As a child he's introduced to a sight that culminates in his adulthood.
After years of rebellion the you man returns to more than his faith, he has been revealed something that is so fantastic it's almost unbelievable. For a long time he's even afraid to mention it for fear of what would be thought of him. After soul searching he decides he must communicate what he knows and sees. He's been given a sight that is linked to ancient civilizations of the past. This sight even goes back to the book of Genesis, what he began to see as a child raised by his grandmother is now to be communicated to all. You too can see if you enter The Middle Room.

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