Seduce into Bed: Book 1: Easy Seduction - Start Your Journey

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Seduce into Bed: Book 1: Easy Seduction - Start Your Journey

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Length: 89 pages1 hour


Seduce into Bed is a series of seven books building into an encyclopaedia of seduction. Easy Seduction – Start Your Journey is the first book in the series. Learn here how to seduce beautiful women by working methodically through from first principles to advanced techniques, in easy stages.

For those who are not born to be a natural seducer, Seduce into Bed analyses what the naturals know and practice without thought and teaches you their tricks and advantages step-by-step.
Easy Seduction – Start Your Journey, teaches the five easy steps to make it easy for you to approach countless girls, talk to them, get their phone numbers: Ready to seduce them, confidently, without fear or nervousness.
Other essential information includes: what a wingman is and how together with you he can help you pickup girls; how essential flirting is to seduction; why you need to chat up every girl you can and how to go about this; how to desensitise yourself to make it so much easier to seduce women; the moral aspects and why you need have no conscience about seducing women; essential warnings about dangerous girls and how to avoid them / protect yourself; should you be monogamous and how to handle it if you get caught; older men with younger women; younger men with older women; and much more.

The rest of the series includes much more, such as:
You don’t need to be a footballer or millionaire, particularly slim or handsome to seduce pretty girls. This is because girls are impressed by looks much less than men are. They are impressed by character, humour and how you project yourself.
Learn how to develop and improve these characteristics and much more in Seduce into Bed.
Seduction is about psychology. Some of the greatest men in history seduced their nations. By learning the simplest fraction of what they knew, you can seduce a woman or a group of women.
Through this series, you will methodically change yourself, your image, the way you project yourself; avoiding failure and knowing what will make you succeed, until you find you attract women like a magnet.
Be aware of and ready for potential objections so that wherever possible they will not arise, but where they do you will be able to disarm them and keep your seduction on course.
Why not having good looks, a six-pack shape, lots of money or a hot car matters little.
How to send her the signals she wants to see, so she will have confidence in you.
How to judge how fast to progress the seduction, to achieve your aim (and hers) as quickly as possible, without forcing her into anything she doesn’t want.
There are millions of women who want sex just like you. Learn how to avoid the dangerous ones, the spongers, and how not to waste your time and money on girls who are not interested.
It is a myth to think that you can be a Don Juan just by being yourself. It is also very difficult to radically change your character. What you can learn to do is to sculpt and modify your character toward what you need to make you a Super Seducer.
Women have the product – it’s a sellers market. They set most of the rules. Learn and master their rules in Seduce into Bed. When you seduce a woman you are selling a product. Yourself.
You may already have a wife or girlfriend. If you do and you don’t intend seducing other women, Seduce into Bed will teach you how to seduce your partner so she enjoys what you enjoy, both in bed and out of it. This will not be a process of coercing her, but of encouraging her to feel that what she desires is also what you desire. Your seduction skills can also be used non-sexually on friends, family, co-workers, your boss and others.
You will accept that the things you can change less (your height, your looks, perhaps your knowledge and fitness) do not really matter. You will banish insecurity and negativity and embrace confidence.
Seduce into Bed is an education. This series contains massive amounts of information cov

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