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Sizzling Romance New York Style

248 pages4 hours


This love story will please even the most bah humbug reader. For the lover of a good story about romance, you're in for a treat. Get comfortable with your electronic reader; a favorite drink of choice and enjoy more than a few hours of reading entertainment. This was my first novel written about ten years ago.

A doctor who's the grandson of a very powerful woman is called to assist a young woman who has succumbed to the summer heat of New York City. She lies on the sidewalk in front of his clinic. From that encounter the relationship takes off like a rocket to extend from the families vineyards in California to the properties on the Atlantic Seaboard. Their love deepens as well as his family business he must attend as his aging grandmother needs her grandson at the helm of their vast empire.
From modern day bankers to Old and New World mafia ties blends together a story we can all relate to. An even bigger love blooms as well as the business as the years pass by. Enough said. For the price of a Starbucks coffee, enjoy the story. PS, have tissue at hand.

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