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The Black Hebrew-Israelites of America
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Please note all the author predictions written herein came about by dreams in 2008 or years before.
The other tribes of Israel are coming home! The killings of African Americans has awakened us, and we must leave America and have our own nation. We will never raise weapons upon America, our own people--so the writing is on the wall--we must have our own nation. We are New Israel the forgotten tribes. Israel had 12 tribes.

Israel is 12 tribes not just one called Jewish so we need another called New Israel--the Palestinians must be moved, the Syrians and other groups must also without one drop of blood being spilled. They must somehow realize that they are cursed living in a land God claimed for himself and Israel. New Israel is suddenly becoming a factor as the hate for Black Americans is heightened and expressed. The scripture and word of the Holy Bible will not be denied and God is punishing the haters, America.

The weather is controlled by the Elohim of Israel and the weather is the window of what the Elohim wants man to change. immediately. The weather will make this New Babylon uninhabitable as the God of Israel repays a White America who may never have believed nor feared a supreme being. If men will continue to believe there is no Supreme Being in charge to make them accountable they will reap what they and their ancestors have sown--as the rest of the world also reaps. As the world is being punished with bad weather by the angry God of Israel--mankind must realize that they are being punished for the treatment of the 12 tribes who had been cursed. Look at history and notice that Black America resembles the same hard-headed people that Moses brought out of Egypt while the hearts were hardened against them. The world must recognize that Israel must have 12 tribes; not just one. Read your history, your bibles--Jacob had 12 sons not just one

To fulfill scripture Black America and the other tribes must return to another New Israel. Accordingly, the U.S. will be forced to repay Black America for 400 years of slavery; if they expect to survive. As hate hardens White America so will vortex change and harden as the Elohim takes out his vengence. The bloodlines have produced more of the chosen people who don't know who they are as they deny kinsmanship to Blacks. Part of the Cure for Black America and White America is to recognize their Hebrew Heritage as one of the 12 tribes of Israel... and with participation of a White America who do not realize who they are beyond our very dreams.

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