The Seven Feasts of Israel and the Messiah
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Scene by scene, we are surrounded by the theatrics of the passion. The panorama begins as Israel performs her seven solemn, ritualistic feasts pointing to the downfall of the walls of her spiritual captivity. The messianic application to Israel’s memorial feasts is central to her preparation to enjoy her long-awaited eternal freedom. As this theme remains the central focus, it is followed by the redemption of the world as revealed through these feasts. So beautifully illustrated in the Tenach--the Jewish Bible--is how the Messiah was predicted by these feasts to be the Savior of the world. In retrospect, reliving scenes through the narrative, you will discover hidden truth underneath the surface of Israel’s celebrations. Discover the purposes of the different Sabbaths given to Israel and how each points to a unique aspect of either creation or redemption. Here you have it, from many years of lectures, discussions and devoted contemplation on the passion of the Christ is brought to you from a unique and inspirational perspective, God’s message to His called and chosen people.

Many mysteries and controversies with regard to Christ’s week of passion are brought to the surface and addressed. Harmony of the four Gospels addressing days and times of each event is clearly mapped. How you can as an individual or as a body of believers apply these lessons from a Christian or Messianic perspective is clearly revealed. Understanding, internalizing, and applying God’s Word should be the object of every Bible study.

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