Ever found yourself lost deciding if you have chosen a job or a career? The small business you joined as an associate got bigger and bigger elevating your role to a manager. Following the footsteps of the manager eventually make us dependant and wait for them to give us orders to do something in our scheduled hours. Thoughts that subsided in our minds start to resurface wasting the time we need to spend with our teams, making decisions for the team and for the welfare of the business.
I know I can sing well, I can dance, I can act and basically I am just like most of the people who want to attain a celebrity status and be known by all or most of the people where ever we go
We forget what we have in our hands while chasing dreams and fantasy. No one says chasing dreams is wrong but why not see if your job can help you do all that you think you are good at. There is lot of opportunities around us which could turn all the negative vibrations to inspirational energy.
The group of managers in this case displays their abilities when they got a chance and exceed the expectations of their manager. This paves way to a new beginning for one of them who set out to inspire others while rest of them go on to take up a bigger responsibility in their own organization to imbibe the culture.
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