How to Increase Sales Using Customer Value Optimization: Make Money Online

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How to Increase Sales Using Customer Value Optimization: Make Money Online

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How to Increase Sales Using Customer Value Optimization - Make Money Online

Table of Contents
Prerequisites of the Implementation
Goals and Objectives of the Profitability
Time Bound Goals
Customer Oriented Approach
Measure Optimization Quantitatively
Think Long-term and be Flexible
Basic Principles of the Customer Value Optimization Strategy
The Customer Value Optimization Process and its Important Components
What is Customer Value Optimization?
Definition of Customer Value
Definition of Optimization
Interpretation of the CVO Process
Let‘s Go through the Process Chart of This System
A brief description of each step is provided for review:
Selecting the Right Product and Market
Selection of the Most Suitable Traffic Medium
Methods of Web Traffic Generation
Determining What the Lead Magnet should be
Introduction to Lead Magnets
Definition of Lead Magnets
Characteristics of Good Lead Magnets
Choosing the right tripwire
Offering the Core Product/Service
Need Fulfillment
Cost and Pricing
Availability and Placement
How to Maximize the Company’s Profit
Which is Right Return Path for the Company
Techniques for the Return Path
Email Marketing:
Content Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Loyalty Programs
Financial Evidence
Drawbacks of the Customer Optimization Process

This book is an introduction and explanation of the processes and techniques that are used by marketing companies to new business ventures and start-ups. It is applicable to all business types that are starting operations, being acquired or looking for consultation in any field.
The facts and ideas discussed in this book are the basis of all tactical solutions that many marketing companies use. These are the central value of customer satisfaction and business survival.
These marketing techniques and ideas should be understood and implemented in a larger context and should not be restricted to one solution only. This means that if the marketing technique of Facebook advertisements is being considered it should not be done in isolation, rather its effects and consolidation with the entire marketing system should be studied.
Some of the very successful businesses that have opted for this system of marketing techniques and solutions and have had extraordinary results include companies like, the leading eCommerce entity in the internet market, McDonalds the fast food giant, Starbucks, the specialized coffee franchise and other companies like Beach Body, Best Buy and the popular sports magazine Sports Illustrated. This marketing system has made all of its user companies popular and well known.
Suitable for both small and medium businesses, it is very commonly used for various enterprises. From very small family businesses and retail shops to large multi-national and corporations, all can gain success and growth through this system. Irrespective of what the line of business is or what product or service is being offered, it is equally beneficial.

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