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Sleep Away Innocence

Length: 454 pages7 hours


Life is a challenge for Nicole Brown to mature into womanhood without proper guidance from her mother and father. It's even harder to understand God's plan when she has no faith.
Nichole is a sixteen-year old fading into a world of regret and hate. Her mother doesn't seem to care about the pain and loneliness she feels about the man who donated his sperm but walked out on her as a child, and the only father she ever knew, died. When Eric Danielly enters her life, she begins to find hope and happiness. He provides her with the one relationship that she can depend on. Just as she starts to feel a sense of belonging, understanding, and peace, tragedy strikes again. Nichole's life changes drastically. Eric does everything he knows how to keep her as innocent as the day he met her.
Nichole feels revenge comes quicker than karma and is her only consolation for all that has happened in her life. No matter how much she has learned about forgiveness, she can't.

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