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Haunted Kentucky: Tales of a Conduit

Length: 194 pages2 hours


Author Terri Grimes offers up first-hand accounts of her encounters with spirits of the Bluegrass state, backed up with amazing photographs of apparitions, ghost lights, orbs and other anomalies. From the family pets taking one last ride, to the ghostly driver sitting behind the wheel at the insane asylum, to the antebellum mansion's dearly departed hostess taking a peek in the equipment case; the pictorial evidence will astound even the skeptical.

If you've ever heard your name called in the night, felt a chill travel the length of your spine as you pass a graveyard or seen a glimpse of a loved one years after they've passed, then you too may have traveled the path of a Conduit. Walk the path again with Haunted Kentucky, one tale at a time.

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