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Serena's Cellars

Length: 254 pages4 hours


Serena Conti, responsible for the Conti wine cellars, gives a private tour of the cellars to her brother's wealthy American friend, James Miller, while he is temporarily in Rome to oversee the construction of a new Miller Hotel and Resort. They meet again at the Conti family annual summer party and sparks begin to fly as they are immediately pulled together, having hot passionate unprotected sex during the party. Passion and lust continue to thread its way through their lives until one afternoon when Serena is raped by someone lurking in the shadows. James takes her to the hospital and then takes care of her when she is released. Stubborn as she is, she refuses to stay home as the doctor advises so James takes her away to his house in Lake Como in Northern Italy to give her time to heal, which is when he starts to have feelings for her.
When they return to Rome, she dedicates all her free time to the cellars and as the days pass, she realizes the flu she thought she had has been dragging on for days turns into an unexpected pregnancy. When James finds out about it, he knows the child could be his and not wanting to lose Serena or the baby, believes the only solution is marriage but strong-minded Serena won't marry him so he orchestrates, with the help of her brother, an elopement to Las Vegas. When she finds out about her brother's involvement, she gives up the battle and agrees to marry James. They return to Rome to plan a wedding in very few days. Their upcoming wedding is announced in the American social newspapers.
After the wedding, they travel to Boston for business and while Serena is out for a walk in the neighborhood, a van pulls up and pulls her inside, kidnapping her. This story continues in Book 4 – Matteo's Challenge.

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