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God in the Serendipity

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Glorious, indeed, the times when unexpectedly God’s undeniable presence is with you.

It may be at a medical appointment, driving down the highway, playing the piano or on the dance floor. It may be while making lasagna, during a potluck luncheon, or after indulging in white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake. Perhaps while engrossed in your work or at leisure with your family; even while you are sleeping.
Special moments and unexplainable experiences when God surprises you with an awareness of His presence, power, protection, and love; tasking you to conduct Royal Business on His behalf – life changing experiences where you know in your heart of hearts it is Him.

Yes, by His Spirit, God is with Jesus followers every moment, but there are Sacred Moments, Divine Appointments, Heavenly Visitations, Hallowed Callings, when the Creator of the Universe is breathtakingly present. I’m hard pressed to know what to call them. God sightings? God moments? They most certainly are. But I prefer to call them God in the serendipity.

Does He enter the lives of regular folks like you and I with all our faults and failures? Are there moments when He is so present you have no doubt that it could only be Him? How sad, but true, so many of us are not convinced that God is active in our lives. How many of us want Him as an insurance policy against hell, yet live out our days in this customer unfriendly world not convinced He has shown up for our lives?

While most of my life, and probably yours, is lived Under the Mystery, there are cherished moments of serendipity when the Creator of the Universe surprises and overwhelms me by entering my small world. Glorious times of God in the Serendipity.

Do I have stories to tell you!!!

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