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lord when's adventure 2, Friendship

Length: 32 pages24 minutes


He was just an ordinary kid in his own mind. A teenager dealing with hormonal changes, teenage angst and never having enough time to dream.
One day everything changed. An inter-dimensional being named Binky opened a door into his attic getaway and took him on a journey through time and space to meet the Lord When.

To his amazement he found out he had been chosen to replace the aging Lord When. Before he could demand a reason why, or ask to be taken back, Lord When had passed away, leaving him alone with Binky, a snotty artificial intelligence with the single intent of driving the poor kid into being a hero, like it or not.

And thus began an adventure where every day he was training to become something he wasn't sure of, to battle situations he had no clue as to the magnitude of, and to help people like himself, who maybe didn't even know they needed help.

What a universe to fall into and all that without a decent MP3 player to listen to.

For Bleep everything had gone wrong, he had rescued the child he was ordered to save, but when he returns to his home planet, the Lord When has passed away, leaving him alone and horribly sad. He wants to join his master in the next life, but Robert, also alone, wants to save him, but does he know enough to do so.

So begins the first real test of the new Lord When's ability to do the right thing. Or has all his training been for nothing?

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