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The Boat Thief

Length: 180 pages3 hours


The Boat Thief is sailing adventure about young Fisher Shoemaker who gets tested by the will of the ocean every step of the way.

One night Fisher unexpectedly witnesses something he wished he hadn't and believes his life is suddenly in great danger. People he’s trusted his whole life are after him. He believes running away is the only option. There aren't many ways for a kid to escape, but living in a coastal Maine town there are hundreds of islands in the vast open waters to go into hiding. Stealing a small sailboat and disappearing into the night, he does just that.

While on the run, Fisher quickly comes to the realization that life is hard. Like it or not, his survival depends on growing stronger both physically and mentally. But he doesn’t have a choice. One day the drunkard lobsterman Skinny Pete stumbles onto the island where Fisher is hiding. The situation grows into a challenging problem, and he’s forced to take action. In the end, though, you don’t mess with Fisher Shoemaker.

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