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Sin's Kisses

Length: 108 pages1 hour


Tai's brother Doron is back home with him. Doron lives by his own rules and let's no one tell him what to do. Except now that he is back, Tai wants to enforce his rules on him and shape and mold him into the coven. Doron wants no part of that. He wants to keep his freedom.
His endless partying with his friend Jasper gets him into more trouble than Doron realizes, especially one night when a coven of powerful witch demons stops them on the road and take them back to their lair.
Doron meets Max, the leader of the demon witch coven, and something about the powerful witch draws Doron to him. He can't explain it but manages to get himself and his friends out of there but not without a promise to Max.
He must obey Max's every desire. But his own desires drive him into Max's arms and into rules and changes that he doesn't know if he can do. Can he change for the one he loves?

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