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Kingdom of the Snark: An Affair with Wizards

Length: 476 pages7 hours


The zany New Adult fantasy/comedy adventure series continues in “Kingdom of the Snark: An Affair with Wizards,” being the part of the trilogy where everyone gets laid.

The failure of Renee the Righteous’ quest for the Sword of Power tortures her conscience. Desperate to find another way to save the monks who raised her, Renee has no choice but to convince her enemies of the Dark Castle to become her allies. Shall Renee ever succeed in saving the monastery of Quaal, or is it already too late?

Meanwhile, Guy Smokes treks back toward his village with a broken heart. When a mysterious maiden and a talking tigress beg for his help, Guy tries to push his bitterness out of his heart to become the hero he desires to be...only to anger the wizard out the get the maidens. Shall the misery of love lost prevent Guy from moving on with his life, or shall he be roasted alive?

Welcome back to a land where wizards are insane, nuns are wicked and unicorns are bigger jerks in “Kingdom of the Snark: An Affair with Wizards.”

A list of tales in the “Kingdom of the Snark” series (thus far):

“The Quest for the Sword” (Being the First Part of the Righteous Trilogy)

“Three Snarky Tales” (A Short Story Collection)

“Tragedy in the Wine Cellar” (A Longish/Short Story)

“An Affair with Wizards” (Being the Second Part of the Righteous Trilogy)

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