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My Pizza Girl (An Erotic Romance)

Length: 197 pages3 hours


After a quarter century of marriage, a son grown to be a man, and a lifetime of building his world, Alex believes that he is close to the end of his personal story.

Then comes the wave that crashes into his soft, comfortable life. His money is gone in a blink of the eye, his wife leaves him for another man, and his son is moving to the other side of the country to pursue his own dreams.

As darkness falls on his world, and he contemplates the only way to end his crushing pain, he meets Beth.

She's half his age, and her energy seems infinite. The light that she brings to his dark world is welcome, needed, and completely irreplaceable. After resisting his growing feelings for this young bundle of wonder, she finally becomes his friend, his lover, his wife. She is mother to his children and the fuel that powers him to new heights and makes him realize that the crashing end of one life is just the beginning of another.

Cover photo by: mando2003us. All Rights Reserved.

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