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A Quick Jog Through The Bible

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This book is not to replace reading the bible, my intent is to make it easier for you to read and understand the bible. I will show the truth of the Bible and give references for you to gain more knowledge and proof of the validity of the Bible. I pray this book will encourage you to read the entire Bible because when you read the Bible, you will understand more of what you are reading.
I believe the original words written in the Bible are inerrant; they are breathed by God into the pen of an author He is using. Many people give up on trying to read the bible as many versions use a much different style of English language than what we use in everyday life. Please research the version you like to read and understand its known problems of translation.
I believe by having an idea of what chapter is going to say, you will be able to easily understand what you are reading in the bible. I will explain the variety of definitions of a word. As an example, the word "weeks". The Jewish people use the word week to mean; 7 days, or week of weeks equaling 49 days, week of months equaling 210 days, or week of years equaling 7 years (7 x 12 months with each month having 30 days).
I believe it is easier for me to understand the bible by having knowledge of how it is organized and some time lines to know when people or events fit into the time line that starts approximately in 6,500 B.C. and continues through 100 A.D, excluding the prophecies fulfillments. Of course it is the only book ever written that contains prophesy written a few hundred years to several thousands of years before the prophesy is fulfilled accurately. I will footnote some prophesies with the year the prophesy is fulfilled.
The Bible is the word of God breathe into the pens of 40+ writers that wrote the 66 books of the Bible over a period of 2,500 years. The chapters in this book are organized by a topic. The 4 topics in the Old Testament are the 1.) Creation, 2). Historical, 3.) Poetical, and 4.) Prophets. The New Testament's topics are 1.) Gospels, 2.) Interpretive letters and 3) Revelation
If a book contains several major items, I will show and discus those sections. For example, the book of Genesis is unique in the bible as it covers the longest time period of any book in the bible. As a result, I will break it down into sections like the creation, fall of man, Cain and Abel, genealogy, flood, etc.
There are several broad descriptions of the Bible. Augustine discovered that the Old Testament contains the New Testament concealed, while the New Testament contains the Old Testament revealed. The Old Testament is the story of a nation. The New Testament is the story of a man.
As you dig deeper into the Bible, you will see Jesus our Messiah in every book of the Old Testament and the New Testament.
The Bible is unique in that it contains 8,362 predictive verses with 1,817 predictions concerning 737 separate matters according to a biblical scholar, J. Barton Payne in "Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy". Our Messiah, Jesus, fulfilled over 300 predictions, precisely, in cases where the day was predicted, He fulfilled the prophesy on the exact day predicted. Prophecies are important in proving the authenticity of the Bible along with the Bible's integrated design, which is proven mathematically, microcode and macrocodes.
My prayer is that after reading this book, you will be encouraged to read the Bible or re-read the Bible and gain more insight into the meanings of the verses.

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