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A tyrannical nation... A broken man... An extraordinary dystopian adventure...

In Azure, history has been erased, drones populate the skies, androids and cops patrol the streets, walls have been erected to keep the people in, and the threat of execution looms for even the pettiest of crimes.

Asher Cain is a beaten man, close to dead. His wife and son are gone, lost to him forever. All he has left is his job as a drone operator, to which he clings desperately. But one day everything changes and Asher finds himself targeted as a transgressor, on the run from the law, seeking a way out of the nation he once helped to keep secure.

To make it out of Azure alive, he’ll have to find the courage to face the fears hiding within himself... and confront his haunting past.

Azure is a fast-paced, eerie vision of the future that takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of sheer adventure.

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