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Dreams Do Come True

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It is my long held belief that we should not only be happy in our chosen vocation but also be doing what it is the Lord has gifted us to do. We all deserve to feel like we are successfully participating in a common cause, that we are accomplishing something meaningful and that we are fulfilled in the process. We not only get our life’s energy from the people we meet and the relationships we maintain, but we also come alive in living a life which is scripted in line with the skills, the qualities and the attributes given to us and ultimately designed by God. Dreams do come true if we first understand the substance of our beings and then take the risks associated with living our lives and pursuing our dreams to their ultimate potential. The key is to discover your skills and then figure out how you can best use these qualities in the most effective and productive ways. True happiness lies in excelling in that which you are gifted and talented to do. Your dreams will come true if you begin to seek a path that allows for your personal human qualities to be utilized in pursuing your dreams.

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