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Thus Spoke the Dragon

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Just when Major John Gresham thought the trail left by the Forbidden Army had gone completely cold, a lead emerges – Marsa Grakko, the krokator in charge of the Forbidden Army’s dark money network, has been sighted by a freelance spacer at an abandoned Alliance mining outpost. What Gresham doesn’t know is that his erstwhile partner, Imperial soldier Akgu Zurra, has a bloody history with Grakko that could derail their mission as they are dispatched to the backwater of human-controlled space to hunt him down.

Just as the Briling Dominion’s elite yet embattled Shadow Operations division is about to go through another politically-motivated downsizing, a distress signal arrives from the remote colony of Mirra before all contact is lost. Semi-retired commando Riyao Seryin is tasked with leading a small team to perform reconnaissance on the pirate force that has apparently occupied the small planet before the infantry arrives – but he and his squad are about to find out that they are on anything but a routine assignment.

Both missions soon share a common enemy: a cult-like mercenary army calling themselves the Crimson Dragons, led by a disgruntled self-styled prophet known only as the Visionary. Their financial resources are endless, their appetite for destruction insatiable, and their motive simple: the violent overthrow of the established galactic order.

To confront career-defining grudges, long-concealed secrets and their own restless demons, Gresham, Zurra and their new allies will have to descend into the darkness in “Thus Spoke the Dragon,” the second novel of Henrik Rohdin’s “League of Planets Adventure.”

The League of Planets Adventure:

Book One: The Forbidden Army
Book Two: Thus Spoke the Dragon
Book Three: Servants of the Empire (Coming Summer 2014)

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