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The Sixty-Nine Weeks of Daniel, Chapter 9 examines the positions of Sir Robert Anderson and Harold Hoehner, as well as dates suggested by Frederick Larson in his DVD titled The Star of Bethlehem, regarding the date of the command to rebuild Jerusalem and the date of Christ’s birth and crucifixion. In this edition, the very significant contributions of Drs. Colin Humphreys and W.G. Waddington regarding the pre-exilic calendar and the date of Christ’s crucifixion are referenced.

The sixty-nine week prophecy is one of the most amazing prophecies in Scripture, and the dates presented by Christian authors differ considerably. There are, however, dates that can be substantiated biblically, historically, and astronomically. These are presented, with the case for and against each.

The author received Christ as Savior and Lord while in medical school after hearing, during a Bible study, that Jesus was and is God, as presented in the first chapter of the book of John. Soon thereafter he read the seventy-week prophecy and has had an enduring interest in it since that time. After seeing Larson’s DVD, which confirmed Hoehner’s date for Christ’s crucifixion and thus Christ’s triumphal entry, he started a more intensive examination of the proposed dates, resulting in the writing of The Sixty-Nine Weeks of Daniel, Chapter 9. It is hoped that the reader will gain an increased respect for and confidence in the accuracy and inspiration of Scripture, and that the Lord will receive the glory as a result. It is also hoped that seekers of truth will be encouraged to pursue their search in the pages of Scripture.

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