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Going to Monte Solaro: A Psychological Thriller

250 pages4 hours


Read this story before you condemn an act of madness, or doubt the redemptive power of love.

Pursued by the increasingly real apparitions that would destroy him, a young man journeys from New Zealand’s rural north to the beguiling luxury of Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

In searching for the love that could save him he’ll face the petrified denizens of a sleeping Pompeii and the evil menace of the Booth Walker, before a final climactic struggle to save the woman he loves in the storm-tossed waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Is he possessed, or is the truth more terrifying still; could these imaginings be a mirror to the storyteller’s real world? Is this journey a desperate plea to the only person who can genuinely empathise with the emotions that trigger an act of madness – a fellow traveller?

“I’m convinced that there’s a place for a scary, even disturbing story; that’s at the same time seductively exotic.”– A. Elton Hollis

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