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Space Bounty Hunter: The Immortality Backup

Length: 59 pages35 minutes


Marcus pinned Kerry's arms above her head. His body pressed against hers, so close he could feel the outline of her breasts and peaked nipples under the thin white shirt she wore. Kerry's body heaved underneath his as she struggled to catch her breath.

Rather than straddling her, he scissored his legs between hers with his hips and pelvis off to the side. Kerry took barely a moment to recover from the fall before she continued fighting him, wriggling her body and arms, working valiantly to squirm loose of the grip he had on her wrists. It was difficult to keep a hold of her, but Marcus was pleased at her continued determination. Another person would have given up by now, but not the owner of the strong, and very feminine body beneath him.

She managed to get a hand loose only to have it captured by his free hand, the move cost him and Marcus wasn't able to remain in a stable position on top of her. He resorted to resting his full weight on her body to keep her pinned to the mat.

Kerry took advantage of his new position to bring her free leg up and pound the bottom of her foot down on top of his knee. The jolt loosened his grip on her other leg enough for Kerry to slip free. Marcus released her hands to try and lift of off Kerry, but it was too late. She locked both legs high around his torso, keeping him close. He had one hand on the ground, supporting most of his weight. Big mistake. Marcus knew what was coming, but couldn't move fast enough to stop it.

Kerry pulled his hand out from under him and pushed on his opposing shoulder at the same time. Marcus rolled, seeing the ceiling as his back hit the mat. Kerry punched him in the solar plexus for good measure, then disengaged and scrambled to the edge of the mat.

Marcus rolled away from her to hide his growing erection. He'd managed to keep it under control during the sparring session, but he couldn't stop it now. He sat up slowly, reaching for the towel he kept on his side of the mat to place in his lap. Marcus used the time to wait for the pain in his chest to dissipate.

"Had enough?" Kerry teased from her side of the mat. Marcus bit back a teasing reply of his own. He couldn't encourage her. Doing so might lead to other activities. Dangerous, extremely satisfying activities that he wanted more than he was willing to admit to himself.

"That's enough for today," he said, easing onto his feet. His breath came easier now. His stubborn erection persisted. Marcus turned just enough to address Kerry. "I'm going to change. Meet you out front."

Marcus left his junior partner gaping after him as he fled into the men's locker room.

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